Why choose Us.

At Able, we are a small business highly dependent on each, and every one of our clients. Thus its in our own interest to ensure our clients receive the best of service and value for money, and remain a valued client.

Our Mission.

Our mission is simple. To ensure livelihood through symbiotic relationships with our clients. To maintain dignity and self-respect through delivery of genuine service that represents value for money, and earns us our clients respect and admiration.

What we Do.

Provide great service for a reasonable price! Its that simple.


About Us

Able Cleaning Services (ACS) was founded by the Directors and shareholders upon recognising fundamental gaps in the present suite of cleaning services available from the market.

We see these gaps as professionalism and consistent service levels. Our employee screening and security clearance process gives you peace of mind in knowing that our people go on record as your dedicated service provider. We can be confident of our peoples identity and that their history is without blemish. ACS Directors bring together business experience and service experience resulting in a product that actually meets the expectations of business sanitation requirements. With our view into business requirements and present service shortcomings we are confident our services will be very well received.