How Often You Should Get Professional Cleaning Services

Regular cleaning of your office building will see that it remains spotless and gives a great impression to clients, suppliers, and staff. As office cleaners in Sydney CBD, we are regularly asked how often professional cleaning should be done. The type of business that you run, the amount of staff that you have, the size of your building and more all need to be taken into consideration.

Cleanliness Level

How often you organise office cleaning in Sydney CBD will reflect on your building’s level of cleanliness. A clean office has an effect of both customers and staff. A spotless office has been shown to encourage employees to be more motivated and productive, and is also more hygienic.

The Amount of Traffic in Your Building Will Determine How Often You Need Office Cleaners in Sydney CBD

The amount of people that come in and out of your building will have an impact on how often it should be cleaned. The number of staff and clients that use your building will determine the usage of your entranceways, reception, boardrooms, restrooms and lunch rooms. The more people that use your office building, the more often the building will need to be cleaned!

Areas of Your Building

Different areas of your building need cleaning more frequently than others. When deciding how often to get office cleaning in Sydney CBD consider the following rooms:

These should be cleaned daily for hygiene reasons. At Able Clean we do a full restroom service – cleaning toilets, basins, and door handles and stocking up on toilet paper, hand soap and bathroom supplies.

This depends on the level of cleanliness that you desire for your building and the amount of traffic that your office sees. Daily office cleaning of your Sydney CBD building is recommended, however, we suggest weekly cleaning if your budget does not allow for this.

The reception area and parking bay give a first impression of your business and as such should be cleaned weekly or more often if needed. The boardroom should likewise be cleaned at least weekly.

Generally, we recommend daily cleaning for your business if possible. Our cleaning services can be undertaken after hours, so as not to cause interruption. For more information on quality office cleaning in Sydney CBD contact us at Able Clean.